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Protect Your Amazon Best-Selling Products and keep them active 24/7 with real-time alerts and swift reinstatements

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  • Ensure listing compliance with automated monitoring
  • Get expert recommendations to prevent suspensions
  • Full reinstatement service as part of your coverage
  • Get coverage in under 1 minute

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In an always-on marketplace, ASIN suspensions are your worst enemy.

Spott saves you time and money by providing automated auditing to ensure compliance with Amazon’s dynamic policy enforcements while preventing unexpected suspensions and expediting appeal processes.

Why choose Spott?

Automated Audits

In case you glossed over the fine print, we’ve got you covered. Spott routinely reviews your listings to ensure they always conform to Amazon’s latest Terms and Conditions.

Suspension Avoidance

Don’t get caught off-guard with an unexpected suspension. We track Amazon’s enforcement activity, identify potential problems with your listings before they’re classified as a violation, and provide real-time suggestions for quick fixes.

Faster Appeals

Stop letting account downtime impact your bottom line. In the event of a surprise suspension, Spott will manage your appeal process from start to finish. We know how to rapidly resolve appeals, and will make sure your listing is back online as quickly as possible.

Automated Personalized Audits

If you didn’t pay too much attention to the fine print, we’ve got you covered. Spott routinely reviews your listings and keeps your account compliant, ensuring it is always up to date with Amazon’s latest Terms and Conditions. 

Full Suspension Avoidance Plan

Don’t get caught off-guard with an unexpected suspension. Spott tracks Amazon’s enforcement activity, identifies potential problems , and sends over real-time suggestions to protect your ASIN, all before a violation is made. 

Professional ASIN Reinstatement

Spott has your back. If you do get suspended, Spotts biggest concern is getting you back on your feet. Spott’s Amazon experts will manage your appeal process from start to finish, making sure your account is reinstated ASAP. 

Here’s how it works

Connect your Amazon seller account to Spott so we can confirm eligibility for your product listings.

Enable notifications to receive real-time alerts when something requires attention.

Update listings based on our expert advice and recommended fixes. Making sure your account complies with Amazon.

In the unlikely event that your account or product listing gets suspended, we’ll contact you immediately and automatically initiate the appeal process.

How it works

Search for your Amazon Store

Confirm eligibility for your product listings.


Select an ASIN 

Choose the item in your store that you want to cover.


Done! You’re protected

Sit back, and put your feet up. We’ve got you covered. 



Suspension coverage is a service that protects your business from Amazon suspension events by auditing, monitoring, and alerting for suspension risks. In case of suspension, your coverage will provide you with the professional assistance of Spott’s Amazon experts to appeal and reinstate your listing.

Amazon sellers who have up to 10 ASINs can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they are at a lot less risk of losing a large part of their revenue with Spott alerts and professional reinstatement service.
Amazon sellers with a large number of ASINs won’t need to spend time monitoring their ASIN compliance and account health as they can rely on Spott’s monitoring and alerting services as well as their professional reinstatement service.

If your listing is suspended can reach out to Spott for a quick response and ( to start the appeal process.
Spott’s different platform experts will review your account and write an appeal on your behalf. Our experts may call and ask for more information and will work with you until your listing is up and running.

Currently, you aren’t able to purchase suspension coverage for a listing that has already been suspended.
If your listing is suspended Spott and its’ partners’  experts will be happy to work with you until your listing is up and running, and then suspension coverage can be purchased to make sure your listing will not be suspended again

Absolutely. Suspension coverage includes auditing, monitoring, and alerting, enabling you to fix the problems before they result in suspension. Being on top of your compliance with Amazon policies and account health will not only save you a lot of time and money but significantly reduces the risk of suspension.


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