Is Your Amazon Listing Suppressed?
We've Got You Covered.

Learn how to fix your suppressed amazon listings, prevent future suppressions, and save thousands of dollars in lost sales opportunities.


Why Is My
Amazon Listing Suppressed?

Suppressions occur when a specific product listing does not meet Amazon’s standards. Some of the more common reasons for suppressions include the use of promotional or excessively long product titles, missing or non-compliant images, or the absence of critical info like UPC, product descriptions, and brand details.

Unresolved Suppressions Lead to Suspensions

One minor issue with your product description can prompt Amazon to suppress or deactivate your listing until the problem has been resolved. Suppressions are a precursor to suspensions, which can result in extended downtime, bureaucratic headaches, and major losses for your Amazon business.

Follow the steps below to fix your listing and get real-time notifications to prevent suppressions and suspensions.

How Do I Fix Amazon Suppressed Listings?


Go to the Inventory tab in Seller Central and select ‘Manage Inventory’.


Click any product listings with a ‘Suppressed’ button next to it.


Review and edit listings that require more information or select ‘Manage Images’ to fix product photos.


Review the Amazon Product Summary page to see a list of all your suppression and quality issues.


After implementing fixes click ‘Save and Finish’.


Real-time monitoring, notifications & appeal service


Get automatic scans and listings reviews to ensure compliance with Amazon’s latest updates and policy enforcements.


Identify violations before they’re classified as such, and get real-time fixes to keep your listings active at all times.


Automate and expedite appeal processes with Spott's large team to swift and frictionless reinstatements.

How It Works

Securely link your Amazon Seller account to Spott and confirm eligibility

Get real-time alerts when we identify an issue that requires attention

Update listings based on our expert advice and recommended fixes

What if One of Your Spott-Covered Products Gets Suspended?

In the unlikely event that your account or products get suspended, we’ll immediately contact you and initiate an appeal process. From a finely-tuned petition letter to a customized plan of action and escalation strategy, we’ll make sure that your account gets reinstated with minimal downtime.

Monitoring + Coverage

24/7 Audits & Notifications + Reinstatement 

  • Compliance with Amazon’s TOC
  • Amazon-flagged reviews 
  • Changes in Amazon’s enforcement policies 
  • Product category misclassifications by Amazon
  • Amazon performance parameters 
  • Product ranking and indexing
  • Monthly compliance & performance reports
  • Pinpoint the root cause of suspensions
  • Plan of action (POA) within 72 hours
  • Customized appeal letter
  • Fully-managed appeal process
  • Professional support from our experts

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