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Why you should buy Liability insurance from a broker who knows eCommerce

We know that there are lots of options when it comes to picking liability insurance since Amazon made made insurance mandatory for all third-party sellers. We’re here to help make it all a bit more clear.


While it’s hard to know who to trust and where to find the best prices, we’re here to help you get your Amazon liability policy and make it as easy as sipping at the beach sipping a mai tai.

You’re probably asking yourself if we’re really referring to insurance here, the answer is yes. But here’s the thing, we aren’t insurance experts, we’re eCommerce experts. We understand you.


You see, just a few years ago, life was entirely different. If the owner of a brick-and-mortar store needed to get insured, he or she would get an insurance agent to physically come to their store, see the items they sell and get a quote. If the store owner would have to call in a claim, he or she would have to call the insurance agent and jump over many hurdles to solve the issue. 

But since then, technology advanced so fast, consumerism increased to an all-time high, eCommerce shot through the sky – and with all this booming – insurtech was born, a technology we leverage to get third-party sellers a better price for their insurance policy.  

How so?


We at Spott developed state-of-the-art AI that compares the prices of multiple insurance carriers and finds you the ultimate insurance policy that is right for your business. It’s:

  • Tailor-made for your product.
  • Affordable.
  • Quick to get and hassle-free.

You quickly get a COI to upload onto your Amazon store – and BOOM – done deal. 

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That does make it sound as easy as a Mai-tai on a Caribbean beach…

That’s the point. We want to make life easier for all eCommerce sellers by improving the tasks that take up precious time, time that can be spent on business growth, rather than long, tedious quests for insurance policies. That’s why these days eCommerce experts can help you way more than insurance agents. 

But if I know a good insurance agent, why not just go through him or her? It’s just a policy.

 A-ha. But is it just a policy…?

As soon as commerce transcended to eCommerce, it became a different ballgame. The rules in the virtual marketplace have changed drastically, especially since COVID-19. When the pandemic broke, sales went through the roof, but insurance agents lagged behind. Not because they are not good, but because they had to do the impossible. They couldn’t physically walk into a virtual store. They had to assess the products you need insured in your virtual store and guesstimate your insurance rates. So no, this is not just “about the policy” anymore. It is the ability to see precisely what you are selling, find the best policy that suits your products to a T, and make sure you pay not one dime more than you need to. More than a policy, we as eCommerce experts are all about making life easy for you on all levels. 




But why is that a problem? Let’s say a store sells shoes. Shoes are shoes, why should they personally need to be seen?

Take a client of ours, an Amazon seller. He sells medicine boxes, you know – the ones that have all the days of the week marked so you can disperse your medicine daily?

Yup, my daughter puts her jewellery in them.

There are many good uses for these boxes! So, when our client tried to get insured, the insurance company weirdly gave him expensive rates. He didn’t understand why he is paying so much per month on essentially – a plastic box?!

That is strange.

We discovered that because this box has the word medicine in the product listing, the item falls under the Medicine and Pharma category – which means that for the insurance companies, these items are…

A high risk.

Bingo. All online products for sale generally fall under – shall we call them – three “risk tiers”: 


  • Low risk – Shoes, jewellery bags, plastic boxes, etc.
  • Medium risk – Car seats, baby food, fertilizer, lamps, etc. 
  • High Risk – Medicine, chainsaws, BBQ (propane-based,) etc.

So your client was only selling medicine boxes, but was getting charged for the category and not the item itself?

An innocent box that wouldn’t hurt a fly! And that is where we come in. We “tell your story” to the insurance carriers so they understand exactly what you sell, and get the exact policy rate that suits your products to a T. With just a few clicks our AI does all the work, fast and efficiently.

Wow. I never thought insurance could be… dare I say…. Interesting!

Because it’s insurtech. It’s new, it’s constantly evolving just like eCommerce. The two spiral up around each other. Better, faster. This is why eCommerce experts are the way to go for online sellers. We follow and develop this innovative technology that – to sum it all up in 3 words – Makes Life Easier. 


So all this work and expertise for an insurance policy?

Good question! See, this is where the plot thickens even further. When a seller decides to sell online, on Amazon and other virtual marketplaces, other risks immediately show their face. 


Nowadays Amazon suspensions are on the rise. If you are not acting within Amazon’s guidelines and policies, you can be suspended, even if it isn’t your fault! We can help you avoid these suspensions as well as resolve any case with Amazon should you get a store or ASIN suspension. 


In addition, Amazon hijacking is on the rise. This can be equated to thieves pilfering items from your store, replacing them with counterfeits and taking all your revenue. These can actually hurt customers if they buy fake items that are not as safe as the ones you worked so hard to manufacture. 

So as experts, you have my back

We understand that owning a business isn’t all a garden of roses. So we do the best we can to keep all risks at bay, so you can do what you need to do to develop your products and market them as best you can, leaving us to do all the worrying while you enjoy the fruits of your labour. 


We got your back, which will be as relaxed as if lying on that beach chair in the Bahamas.

Alright, eCommerce experts. I hear your point. Man, the world is changing fast. Better keep up!

 That’s why we’re here. To keep you up with its pace! And make some good revenue while you’re at it.


Click here to get your insurance policy today, no time, no hassle! 


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