Insurance for Your
eCommerce Business

Liability insurance that will perfectly fit the unique needs of your eCommerce business. Save up to 30% on your eCommerce liability insurance in 3 minutes.

Insurance for your eCommerce platform

What is eCommerce Business Liability Insurance

Spott insurance is here to help cover you and your business. Our insurance platform provides you with liability insurance policies that protect your business from injuries, damages, accidents, and legal fees that may occur as a result of you selling your goods online.

Integrated with leading insurance providers

Why get your eCommerce
Business Liability Insurance with Spott?


You’re just a few clicks away from insuring your business. It only takes 3 minutes to get multiple relevant quotes for your eCommerce store.


Designed for each eCommerce business, whether you sell on a marketplace or platform, you will get a personalized, policy protecting your business.


Stop overpaying for your eCommerce liability insurance. By only paying for what you sell, you can get the best-priced policy for your business.

How does Spott's eCommerce Insurance work?

We use our vast knowledge of the eCommerce industry to clearly analyze your business risks

and give you tailored affordable verified swift insurance coverage that perfectly fits your needs.

Add eCommerce business details.


Compare and select the best carrier. 


Get your certificate of insurance.



Yes, the policy any kind of business selling physical goods. Whether it be Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Walmart, or Amazon, we;ve got you covered.

Yes, Spott’s policies are 100% verified and meet all of Amazon and Walmart’s product liability insurance requirements.

Your risk is calculated with an advanced risk and probability model, designed specifically for eCommerce business, ensuring maximum accuracy and the lowest price available.

Yes. Spott’s support are available around the clock over the phone, email, or chat, making sure all your insurance needs are met.

eCommerce liability insurance is an insurance policy that covers your eCommerce business from all kinds of liability claims brought against you and your business.


Yes, liability insurance is a crucial step in protecting your business from unexpected claims which can lead to financial losses for you and your company.



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