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Spott delivers insurance coverage specifically designed for Amazon sellers at the most competitive rates, with flexible payment terms that allow you to fast-track sales and scale at pace. 

Get your Amazon Seller Insurance in just 3 minutes.

Don’t wait until your shop is on fire to get Amazon seller insurance

We get it, insurance is not front of mind for most online sellers. With Spott, you can future-proof your business and eliminate risk, with minimal effort and zero up-front costs.

Did you know?

As of September 1st, your store could be at risk if you don’t have Amazon seller insurance. are required under your selling agreement with Amazon to carry commercial liability insurance.
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Why Spott?

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One click quotes

At Spott, we do the heavy lifting for you. Let us shop around, compare plans and provide you with competitive quotes from leading carriers.

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Verified policies only

Don’t stress the granular details. Spott rigorously vets every policy to ensure that your Amazon seller insurance is tailored to your business and complies with Amazon’s claims policy.

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Pay as you Go

We won’t let Amazon seller insurance costs stifle your growth. In the future Spott can ease your financial burden so you can stay focused on driving sales.

How it works:

Spott delivers Amazon seller insurance specifically designed for Amazon sellers at the most competitive rates, with flexible payment terms that allow you to fast track sales and scale at pace. 


You provide us with one-click access to your Amazon store’s profile so we can gather relevant details for insurance carriers.


After securely pulling your data, Spott will automatically apply for insurance policies that meet Amazon’s terms and fit your business needs.


We compare offers for verified policies and present you with multiple quotes from leading providers.


You select and purchase the policy with the best price and coverage, and choose a flexible payment plan that suits your needs.

Get a quote in 3 easy steps.

We provide hassle-free, Amazon-verified insurance coverage for online sellers, with no upfront costs and flexible payment terms.


Connect your ecommerce store.


Choose the best financing and coverage solutions for your business.


We’re here for you. We’ll continue to share expert recommendations on financing and coverage opportunities designed to help you stay ahead of the competition.


Amazon Sellers need product liability insurance. Amazon requires sellers who sell over a certain amount to purchase a product liability policy. In addition, Amazon sellers may be interested in other types of insurance to protect their stores from all kinds of losses and unforeseen scenarios.

Amazon sellers need product liability insurance because once they meet certain selling criteria, Amazon requires them to purchase a policy and upload a Certificate Of Insurance to Amazon. In addition, Amazon sellers need insurance so that they can be protected against claims of damages caused by their products.

Amazon does not cover claims. Getting your Amazon store insured is the best way to protect your business from a lawsuit.

Yes. Effective September 1, 2021, once you reach $10,000 in gross proceeds in any month, you are required under your Amazon selling agreement to carry commercial liability insurance. 
Yes. Any policy offered through Spott is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms. These include: limits of at least $1million in the aggregate, international coverage and the inclusion of Amazon as an additional insured.
Once you finish the onboarding process and have completed the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a quote.
The cost of your policy is calculated according to various risk and probability factors. 
Your liability insurance policy is valid for 12 months from the execution date, and the annual premium can either be paid up front or in monthly installments.

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