Got a bad review? Don’t let it affect your Amazon Account Health!

Reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly…

Every eCommerce seller hates getting a bad review. It tarnishes your reputation and makes it that much harder to compete with other stores selling similar products at the same price point. What’s more, is that more often than not, bad reviews are a result of circumstances that have little to do with you or your business, like delays from your manufacturer or mistakes made by the delivery company.

What do bad reviews have to do with my sales?

But bad reviews can negatively affect more than just your storefront. Reviews are a metric by which your account health is determined. So if you have a bad review, Amazon is less likely to promote your product on search pages than someone who doesn’t have bad reviews, meaning you’re likely to sell less and have to work harder to beat the competition. And unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Reviews have a direct correlation with the other aspects of your business.

How do bad reviews affect my Account Health?

When operating an Amazon store, you have to stay on top of all the factors which Amazon reviews to make sure that you are never in danger of violating their rules and regulations. While getting bad reviews are not in violation of Amazon’s regulations, they do show Amazon how good or bad you are at keeping customers satisfied.

In a nutshell:

Reviews serve as an indication of how well your business is going and how ‘healthy’ your store is. A healthy store is one that has strong clientele and one where customers are generally satisfied. This metric is used by Amazon to determine amongst other things, what kind of a risk your store poses to Amazon. Poor account health can also put you in danger of a warning by Amazon and in the worst case, a suspension.

What can you do?

If you already have many bad reviews, it’s tricky to try and remove them. But that’s not to say that nothing can be done to improve your account health. If you think your reviews contain false information, you can contact Amazon to dispute them. In addition, if you think you have been the victim of someone trying to destroy your account by leaving false reviews, you can report this too. If you know that the reviews on your page are legitimate, you can try and learn from your shortcomings and implement changes to your business to make things better. By doing this, you can make sure that in the future, your reviews improve, which will lead to better sales and a better account health.


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